Easily Create & Manage Team-Building Activities for Employees. 

Teamistry helps you with all the time-consuming and inconvenient tasks of organizing team-building activities so you can spend more time with your team.

Create an Activity 
It’s free and no credit card required

Organize & Host Unlimited Activities

Whether on-site or off-site, you can select from our pre-built activities such as Lunch Roulette or any employee can create their own in as little as one minute.

Invite Coworkers by Name, Group, or Interests

Forget having to remember names and invite each coworker one by one. Now you can select an entire group such as Engineer, Financing, Accounting, etc…or by interest such as Basketball, Board Games, Tito’s Tacos, etc.    

Send Automated Reminders

Remember the last time you organized an activity? If so, you’ll remember how often you had to track down and remind people to set their attendance status. With automated reminders, we’ll take care of the time-consuming task so you don’t have to. 

Discover Commonalities with Coworkers

Ever wondered what you have in common with your coworkers? With Teamistry you can see all your commonalities with your coworkers in one view. No more awkward silences or small talk. With Commonalities, turn boring conversations  into fun, engaging activities that build rapport and friendships.   


Lunch Roulette

Empower employees across all departments and all seniority levels to meet, talk, and learn from each other by randomly matching a specific number of employees to go to lunch together. 

Activate Activity

Board Game Night

Everyone loves a good board game after a long, productive day at work. With board game nights, employees from all departments and seniority levels can meet, play, and have fun for a few hours.

Activate Activity 

Ready to create an activity? It’s free and no credit card required.